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Kirsten Forkink

My name is Kirsten, a 30 year old videographer from Amsterdam. Capturing moments has always been my passion. Since a few years I can also call this passion my work and that is something that makes me very happy.

My Story

Five years ago, someone I know asked me to document her marriage. I had never done this before, but I did have a background in editing work. I dubiously said yes, and was very nervous for this first day (not knowing that this day would change everything). I absolutely loved it! Five years later I have seen more than 40 couples say 'Yes!' to each other. Every beautiful story I captured -both in the Netherlands and abroad- was so magical, now I even became a bit addicted to it. Outside of marriages I also capture other stories, like pregnancy- and newborn videos. I can truly say this is my passion: it gives me a lot of energy and I cannot wait to capture many more stories!


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